Here you can find all expert's intraday tips at one place . Please discuss and verify with your financial advisor before going to trade on below is not responsible for any kind of your profit or loss .If action is CMP than you have to check price is in entry range or already its near to target.

How To make profit from intraday tips ?

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Intraday tips for 21-06-04

Action Stock Entry Target Source
BUY FederalBankLtd CMP 95 ICICI Direct
BUY ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company CMP 610 Yes Securities
SELL ITI 121.00 118.32 Intraday Tips
SELL QUICKHEAL 225.00 221.38 Intraday Tips
SELL ASHIANA 138.06 135.21 Intraday Tips
SELL CIGNITITEC 456.89 451.79 Intraday Tips
SELL APLLTD 953.27 946.04 Intraday Tips
BUY AMBER 2795.77 2807.6 Intraday Tips
BUY NTPC 112.89 115.5 Intraday Tips
BUY ULTRACEMCO 6642.25 6659.31 Intraday Tips
BUY MPHASIS 1925.02 1935.03 Intraday Tips
BUY ALLCARGO 135.14 137.99 Intraday Tips
MTF StockPickBuyThePhoenixMillsLtd CMP 925 HDFC Securities
TECHNICAL PositionalPick-BuyHuhtamakiPPLLimited CMP 325 HDFC Securities
MOMENTUM PickBuyOberoiRealtyLtd CMP 665 HDFC Securities
BUY JMFinancialLtd CMP 117 ICICI Securities
BUY CreditAccessGrameenLtd CMP 765 ICICI Securities
BUY Indoco Remedies CMP 430 Yes Securities
BUY Raymond CMP 415 Yes Securities
BUY Crisil CMP 2100 IIFL
BUY Muthoot Finance CMP 1725 Motilal Oswal
BUY Motherson Sumi CMP 300 Motilal Oswal
BUY Bank of Baroda CMP 107 LKP Securities
BUY Radico Khaitan CMP 720 Emkay Global
BUY GAIL (India) CMP 184 ICICI Securities
BUY Phoenix Mills CMP 1026 ICICI Securities
BUY PVR CMP 1531 ICICI Securities
BUY Oil India CMP 205 ICICI Securities
BUY Balrampur Chini Mills CMP 385 ICICI Direct
BUY Shoppers Stop CMP 275 ICICI Direct
BUY Bharat Petroleum Corporation CMP 544 ICICI Securities
BUY Shilpa Medicare CMP 605 Yes Securities

A common FAQ from beginners,


What is intraday tips ?
Intraday tips is a word ,which is commonly used by a stock traders. Definition for intraday tips is , A share brokers or financial advisors will instruct the stock traders to buy or sell a stock at particular price for the day is called intraday tips.

What is market calls ?
market calls and Intraday tips are slightly change in definition wise.Definition for market call is , A share brokers or financial advisors will instruct the stock traders to invest in a stock for various time periods is called market calls.

What is intraday trading ?
Intray trading is , if traders buy or sell or sell or buy a stock on same day is called intraday trading and also know as day trading.

What is BTST?
BTST is short form of Buy Today Sell Tomorrow .Usually brokers or tips providers ask the traders to buy a stock today and sell it tomorrow, this trading term is called as BTST

What is STBT?
STBT is short form of Sell Today Buy Tomorrow .If brokers or tips providers ask the traders to sell a stock today and buy it tomorrow, this trading term is called as STBT

How to make profit from intraday trading?
Making profit from intraday trading is not an easy .Read this article to learn How to make profit from intraday tips?